Staging With Tent Guys

Tent Guys highlight staging can be incorporated in your next event! Whether it’s a wedding or corporate event highlight staging will add to your event. Tent Guys is experts in your staging demands and can help you turn your concert or venue vision into a reality and give your guests an optimum performance experience.

Having your stage installed correctly is very important for safety reasons. So be sure to look into the company you hire to install your highlight stage. Each stage is installed differently and can be set up in a multitude of ways.

There are many things to consider when looking into staging. Some of those are event logistics, individuals staging events experience, what exact equipment you will need. If you are interested in special lighting or a certain stage height then you will want to speak with your stage assembler.

Hit the dance floor at your next event with Tent Guys!

Are you confused on what type of flooring you should get or what size flooring you will need? Flooring has a variety of options from outdoor dance floors to indoor set ups. Flooring also comes in styles from wood to solid colors.

Some fun facts about your next dance floor are no more than 50% of your active guests will be dancing at one time. Each dancer will only need about 4.5 sqft of the dance floor. Each dancers space is generally influenced by the type of music being performed as well as how.

If you are unsure to the size you need but you know the estimated amount of guests attending the event we can help! Call us today for more information.