Dress Up Your Next Event With Pipe and Drapes

Dress Up Your Next Event With Pipe and Drapes

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Drapes are a great way to add a professional spin to any event. Not only are pipe and drapes easy and quick to set-up, tear down, and move, but also they are a very cost-effective way to bring stunning, personalized touches of color and fabrics to your event. Tent Guys is thrilled to be your one-stop-shop for complete pipe and drape set-ups for any of your events in Charlotte, NC.

First things first, on choosing your pipes and drapes:

When it comes to choosing your pipes and drapes, decide whether you want a fixed height, which is a set height that cannot be changed, or adjustable pipe and drape kits, which allow you to change the height of your drapes.

What terminology should I know before renting a pipe and drape set-up?

  • Base: The base of your pipe and drape kit is in the base plate, and serves as the foundation of your display, keeping everything stable and secure. Depending on the pipe and drape options, you will need different weights for the bases which can range from 6 to 61 pounds.

To determine what base plate that you’ll need, you should take into consideration the height of the upright pipes, the weight of the drape fabric you choose, and the location of the bases in your event. By the latter, we mean that you should consider if your base is going to be in a high traffic area or not, as you’ll want a heavier base if there’s the possibility it might be knocked over.

  • Upright: Uprights are your vertical pole pieces that set the height of your pipe and drape kits. At the top of the uprights are hooks, where the crossbar (or horizontal pole) hook into.
  • Crossbar: The crossbar is basically like a curtain rod, as it holds up the drape panels. The crossbar can be adjustable by width, ranging anywhere from three feet to fourteen feet.
  • Drape: The drape is the fabric hanging from your crossbar and the main component of your pipe and drape setup. It’s also the piece where customization matters the most, as you will get to personalize the colors, style, and materials of your drapes!
  • Fullness: Fullness is the amount of bunching that your drapes will have. In your pipe and drapes kit, this is yet another personal preference that you can choose in addition to fabric and color. The fuller a fabric is, the more bunching you’re doing to have in the drape. If a drape is described as flat, then there isn’t going to be any bunching. Another common term for fullness is also “gathering.” Either way, it’s referring to the gathering of the drapes.

What do events use pipe and draping for?

Pipe and drapes are used for both functional and decorative purposes at events. This list is not exhaustive, but we most often see them used for the following:

  • Wedding canopies
  • Photo booth enclosures
  • Backdrops
  • Holiday events
  • Trade show booths
  • Changing & dressing rooms
  • Crowd control
  • Exhibition booths
  • Live performances
  • VIP events

Pipe and drapes are so popular because they’re quick to set up, portable, and super versatile. There’s nothing more satisfying than changing the whole look of a room just by changing the color of your drapes!

Don’t let your drapes be drab! We will help you choose the perfect drapes for your event.

Drapery choices are a great opportunity to personalize and tie together your event. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Whether you’re going for sheer drapes to hang twinkle lights behind, satin drapes to for black-tie décor, or even velour to add texture to a room, there are endless choices and combinations of material, style, and color for your drapes.

There’s no one correct way to pair your drapes, best materials to use, or color choices; it can all be a matter of personal preference and, it’s likely that you will want your event theme solidified before making drapery decisions. If you have a color scheme prepared or a theme in mind, our experts at Tent Guys can certainly advise on best matching or complementary colors and talk you through how to pair the materials for layering.

What do I need to decide to choose drapes for my event?

Answering these basic 5 questions prior to ordering your drapes can help you narrow down your options and refine your choices, leaving more room for the fun choices, like color.

  1. Do the drapes need to block light?

If you’re trying to keep the outside light to a minimum, you aren’t going to want a sheet fabric. Instead, you might go for a thicker material and darker color.

  1. Do the drapes need to be fire retardant?

We highly recommend checking with your venue beforehand to ensure that you’re meeting all fire safety requirements as you start planning your décor. You should also take into consideration if you’re involving any type of torches, bonfires, or other fire aspects in your event.

  1. How much area are you intending to cover with the drapes?

Pipe and drapes for a fun photo backdrop at a wedding are going to be quite a bit smaller and require less fabric coverage than say, a drape set-up intended to block off the section of a venue that you don’t want guests entering or if you’re trying to hide construction and renovation changes.

  1. Do you know what height the upright pipes need to be?

You will have to know the height of the upright pipes to determine how long you need your drapes to be. Typically, you’ll want a drape height that is at least the same height of the upright pipes. Depending on the material of the drape, you may want a drape height that’s slightly longer than the height of the upright pipes, so that it pools at the floor. This is common for photo backdrops, and especially with the sheer voile drapes.

An example of what upright pipes and rental combination may be:

  • You choose the upright pipes, with a range of 6 feet (minimum) and 10 feet (maximum)
  • This means that you should rent drapes that are at least 10 feet tall

Keep in mind, it’s a rule of thumb that if you are using adjustable uprights, you will also want to ensure that the drapes are long enough to completely touch the ground at the upright’s maximum height. It is always better to plan in a little room for error in the event space, than to end up with drapes a foot too short!

  1. How much fullness do you want your drapes to have?

To determine what fullness you want your drapes to have, you should disclose what you’re using your pipe and drape kit for. In the instance that you’re using the pipe and drape kit for a theater backdrop, you’ll definitely want a fuller drape to create a classic, pleated look of curtains. If you’re using the pipe and drape kit to divide a room or cover a large swath of area, then the fullness isn’t really necessary; a flatter drape will be able to do the job. Ultimately, if you know what you’re using your drapes for and what appearance they should have (flat or bunched), then you can determine the fullness you want in your drapes.

If you’ve nailed these down, you’re likely getting into the creative part. The next step is to choose the type of fabric you want on the drapes and the colors.

What does Tent Guys offer on draping?

Currently, Tent Guys offer 10’x10’ sections of pipe and drapes, and in the colors of black or white panels. We also have leg drapes for covering your tent legs. Leg drapes do not require a pipe set-up, as they hang from the top of the tent canopy around each leg of the tent.

While we currently only offer white and black drapes, you can always further personalize your pipe and drape set up with any sheer or satin fabrics of your own by inserting them on the pipes.

Pipe and draping trends that we love:

Backdrop for a stage:

Wanting to transform your child’s birthday party or the next sleepover hosted at your house? Here’s an idea we love! Use a pipe and drape kit to set up a DIY theater for the kids to put on their own shows, or have an outdoor theater night to watch the latest Disney movie.

Hide or mask an area, where there wasn’t space before:

If you’re in need of a private space in a public setting on the cheap, a pipe and drape set-up is the perfect move. Whether it’s the need of a changing room for a dance competition, beauty pageant, or a theater limited on space, the pipe and drape setups work perfectly indoors or outdoors to give you the extra privacy your event needs.

Add softness to an area or highlight a feature of the event space:

Think back to all of the recent weddings you’ve been to in the wildest of spaces. Between country barns, unfinished warehouses, llama wineries, and brick-lined breweries, drapes can truly transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary event. Soft white drapes pair perfectly against the backdrop of a barn, brick, or personalize a ceremony backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

Highlight a feature or divide an area by tying back the drapes:

Let’s be real, open-plan layouts are great in the living area of a house, but in an event, having closed off spaces can organize the flow and crowd control of an event. Just tying the drapes can divide large room like a ballroom to have private VIP areas, or section off the dining area from the dance floor. Sheer drapes can be a great way to block off the bride and groom table, so that they can have a few precious moments together on their wedding day, without being invisible to their friends and family.

Bachelorette or engagement party photo booth:

We’ve all been there; desperately trying to hang trendy rose gold tin foil to the wall, only to find you didn’t order the right height or width from Amazon, and not to mention you still can see the wall through the foil! Okay, so maybe not everyone has been there, but if you’ve ever tried to make an Instagram-worthy photo booth, it’s not that easy without the right equipment. The key? A very simple pipe and drape set-up! Pipe and drapes provide you with the height and width you want to capture group photos and the solid fabric that will cover the space for the backdrop.

Thanks for using Tent Guys for all your pipe and drape rental needs!

Tent Guys has everything pipe and drape related on our website and available for rental now. From our website, you can find and customize all of your pipe and drape choices in one bundle, including the upright and crossbar pipes, bases, and drapes. You can have an incredible backdrop for your next event at just the click of a button! Although you’re probably exhausted you on discussing pipes and drapes, please don’t hesitate to reach out and have a chat with us about your next event! We’re happy to assist you with any event rentals.

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