Suggested Items for Similar Events…

20×40 Tent – 800 sq ft; can be staked (grass or gravel) or weighted (concrete or asphalt); seats 40-90 people

4×4 Stage – Standard height is 1 ft; also available- stage stairs and stage skirt

Podium – Available in multiple sizes and materials; also available- illuminated exit sign

Generator  – 2200 watt; gas powered; 8 hour run time; also available- 5500 watt generator

Extension Cord – 50 ft; indoor and outdoor use; also available- 100 ft extension cord

Suggested Items for Similar Events…

10×10 High Peak Tent – 100 sq ft; can be staked (grass/gravel) or weighted (concrete/asphalt); also available- flags

Red Carpet – 3 ft x 25 ft; also available- Chrome Stanchions Red Velvet Rope

Portable Bar – 54″ wide x 46 1/8″ tall x 27 7/8″ deep; 5 bottle speed well; built in ice bin (80 lbs)

Tent Fan – 20″ metal fan; can be mounted to tent

Floor Uplighting  – Used to create columns; highlight specific features

Suggested Items for Similar Events…

40×120 Tent – 4800 sq ft; can be staked (grass/gravel) or weighted (concrete/asphalt); seats 280-533 people

Cooler – 120 qt; includes lids and handles; also available- 35 gallon trash can

Turf – Artificial grass; indoor/outdoor flooring

Water Barrel – Pre-filled; used to anchor tents; also available- empty water barrels

Patio Heater – Propane heater; heating small areas; propane included; also available- 20 lb, 40 lb, and 100 lb filled propane tanks

Suggested Items for Similar Events…

40×50 Tent – 2000 sq ft; can be staked (grass/gravel) or weighted (concrete/asphalt); seats 117-222 people

Slim Par 64 Lighting – Multiple color and color mixing options; battery operated; up to 20 hrs

Pipe and Drape – 10×10 section; black and white panels available; used for backdrops and area division

French Doors – Used in various tent sizes; creates elegant entrance; keeps tents climate controlled

Dance Floor – 400 sq ft; accommodates 37 couples; portable indoor/outdoor flooring; also available- 12×12 and 15×15 dance floors