Tent Structure Installed At UNCC For The 49ers Football Team

Tent Structure Installed At UNCC For The 49ers Football Team

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The 40’ x 150’ tent structure pictured above was installed by Tent Guys at UNCC and features 10’ high walls, double bay lighting, and DuraTrac flooring. The structure is serving as the temporary weight room for the UNCC 49ers NCAA Division 1 football team. Located next to the Jerry Richardson Stadium, the tent will remain in place while the team’s training facility is being completely overhauled and transformed into the United States Performance Center, a new world-class human performance center for US athletes to train in order to excel in competition globally. This new facility will make our area a prime destination for athletes.

The temporary tent structure installed is a TopTec Future Trac tent. Structures such as this one are ideal for providing temporary and semi-permanent enclosed indoor space wherever it is needed. TopTec tents are some of the most versatile structures available and can be used for single day events, as well as long-term uses. These tent structures can be air conditioned, providing cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, for year-round use. They are easily sized to fit any space and feature high walls and peak ridge height. Engineered for long-term use, these robust structures can withstand high winds and extreme weather.

These tents are perfect for a wide variety of uses, including large events, specialized spaces, warehousing and storage. Future Series tents from Tent Guys are engineered for reliability and durability. The materials and technology used in designing these structures make a stronger, quieter, more visually appealing tent.


Features of Tent Structures from Tent Guys:

  • Ideal for long-term or short-term applications
  • Robust design and strong materials
  • Can be sized to accommodate needed or available space
  • Scalable as needs change
  • Tall walls and high peaks
  • Available enclosed with walls or open
  • Can be heated, air conditioned, and ventilated

Contact us to learn more about our tent structures. We have options perfect for long-term installations, as well as for single-day events. Our specialists can help you construct a facility that meets your needs.

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