Get Ready for a Big Tent Summer

Get Ready for a Big Tent Summer

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Looking for event rentals for your party or special event? Tent Guys has you covered with everything from tents to tableware. Whether you need a cozy space for a small gathering or a grand setup for a big bash, we have the right products and services for you. Browse our products or talk to our friendly staff to plan your perfect event today.

Event Rentals

Weather doesn’t have to be a problem when you rent our waterproof tents with air conditioning and rain protective tent-sides. Enjoy your neighborhood event or family celebration outside under one of our luxury party tents. 

Don’t know how to do the big tent thing? We’ve got you covered.  

Planning is easy when you hire The Tent Guys. We offer free event consulting and party planning. Work with one of our experts so that your event can be stress-free. We know all the ins and outs of tents and additional rentals to make your party a hit.  

Bring on the rain with our waterproof tents. 

A North Carolina summer day typically ranges from bright, cloudless skies with high humidity, to brief thunderstorms rolling through that cool things down with a rainstorm nearly every day. The weather forecast can change on a dime! Don’t get caught in the rain with no cover – renting a tent for your event ensures that your guests have protection from all the elements. 

We have tents from our smallest size at 10 x 10 High Peak Tent (perfect for a tailgate, market booth, or intimate cookout) to our largest tent at 40 x 120. For your big tent party needs, let’s talk all about our big tents and their range of sizes specifically for those looking to party with 200+ guests, and additional rental options to make your #BigTentParty perfect! 

Tent Guys Big Tent Rentals 

Our tents are all frame tents with white canopies. Frame tents have a framework of aluminum or steel pipes that support the fabric roof. The fabric roof of a frame tent doesn’t require stakes to keep tension, meaning that our tents allow flexibility in their placement and proximity to other structures and buildings. Staking in the grass or gravel is included in the pricing. If your event or venue requires tent staking into alternative anchors (i.e. concrete or asphalt, that will incur additional charges. Your event specialist at Tent Guys will include those costs in your estimate.  

40 x 120 Tent 

  •  4800 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 533; Banquet style seats 320; Round tables with chairs seats 282 
  • Cost: $3600 

40 x 100 Tent 

  • 4000 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 444; Banquet style seats 266; Round tables with chairs seats 235 
  • Cost: $3000 

40 x 90 Tent 

  • 3600 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 400; Banquet style seats 240; Round tables with chairs seats 211 
  • Cost: $2700 

40 x 80 Tent 

  • 3200 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 355; Banquet style seats 213; Round tables with chairs seats 188 
  • Cost: $2400 

40 x 70 Tent 

  • 2800 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 311; Banquet style seats 186; Round tables with chairs seats 164 
  • Cost: $2100 

40 x 60 Tent  

  • 2400 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 266; Banquet style seats 160; Round table with chairs seats 141 
  • Cost: $1800 

40 x 50 Tent 

  • 2000 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 222; Banquet style seats 133; Round table with chairs seats 117 
  • Cost: $1500 

30 x 60 Tent 

  • 1800 sq ft of canopy coverage 
  • Theater style seats 200; Banquet style seats 120; Round tables with chairs seats 105 
  • Cost: $1350 

Ready to consult with Tent Guys? Run through our checklist to ensure you’re getting everything you need for your party.  

First, the basics. Let’s talk about the venue, the type of party, and the use of the tent. These are all the base questions for how we start to determine the right tent for your event. The tents required for a wedding party versus an outdoor movie party are going to have different requirements, and varying additional rentals to make your event a success. Knowing the regulations, rules, and contracts around a venue or location and their policies on tent rentals is also vital to determining what tent is right for your event.  

  • What is the date of the event? 
  • What type of party are you throwing? 
  • Where is the party venue or location?  
  • Is the tent where the entire party is happening, or is it being used as a reception, dining, or over-flow area? 
  • Is the tent simply a back-up in case of poor weather? 
  • Does the venue or location have adequate space for the size of the tent desired? 
  • Will you have enough space outside of the tent for the required stakes and ropes? 
  • Does the venue have limitations or requirements for tent rentals? 
  • Do you have the contact information for the venue or location’s party planner or owner? 
  • Is there a sprinkler, septic system, invisible fence, or trees that could obstruct the height of the tent? 

Your guest list + seating. The rule of thumb for deciding on an appropriate tent size is that you want approximately 10 square feet per person. As you start to add on extra rentals, like tables, chairs, a bar, or a dance floor, you’ll need to work with your Tent Guys consultant to factor in layout and configuration. Give us the guest list and your requirements of needs and wants, and we can make a recommendation on what tent is right for you. 

  • What is the guest count? 
  • What activities will your guests be partaking in (i.e. dancing, ceremony, memorial service, etc.)? 
  • What table shapes and sizes are you planning to use for seating? 
  • What style of seating do you prefer? 
  • Will all the guests need to be seated at once? 
  • How many additional tables for food, gifts, miscellaneous will you have? 
  • Will there be other items under the tent? 
  • Does your theme have a particular theme that you would like the table and chairs to coordinate with (e.g. farmhouse, modern, Tuscan, etc.)? 
  • Will there be a dance floor? 
  • Will there be a stage? 

See tables and chairs. We have your standard range of 6’ round tables or 8’ rectangle tables, and various folding, padded, and Chiavari chairs. We’ve added new accent tables like the square bistro farm tables and additional colors and materials to our chair offerings in our catalog, so if you haven’t rented from us in a while, check out our latest additions! 

Add sidewalls and doors to your tent. All of our sidewall and door options are white vinyl and can be used with any of our tent frames. Our event specialists can help you decide what sidewalls work best for your tent rental. 

Sidewalls are excellent protection against seasonal weather and provide safety from sideways rain. It’s entirely up to you if you want sidewalls and doors installed across your entire tent, or just on certain walls; you can use sidewalls and doors strategically to encourage airflow or influence the flow and path of your guests. Keep in mind that sidewalls will obstruct the view of guests inside the tent to events occurring outside of the tent, but can also be used to obstruct any unwanted views beyond the tent. 

  • Do you have a key event that you want all guests to see outside of the event? 
  • Do you want the ability to roll up windows and doors to encourage airflow? 
  • What is the expected temperature of the location and event? 
  • How much natural light do you want to enter the tent? 
  • Is wind a concern at your event location? 

10W x 8H Door Sidewall 

  • Features 3’x7’6” zippered door that can be rolled up and secured 
  • Cost: $30 

10W x 8H Solid Sidewall 

  • Cost: $20 

10W x 8H Window Sidewall 

  • Cost: $30 

15W x 8H Door Sidewall 

  • Cost: $45 

15W x 8H Solid Sidewall 

  • Cost: $30 

15W x 8H Window Sidewall 

  • Cost: $30 

20W x 8H Door Sidewall 

  • Cost: $60 

20W x 8H Solid Sidewall 

  • Cost: $40 

20W x 8H Window Sidewall 

  • Cost: $40 

French Doors 

  • For a more upscale look and feel, our French doors are a perfect addition to your tent. 
  • Cost: $365 

Power and lighting. Depending on the time of day and season for your event, you may require heating and cooling for your event. If you want lighting, music, and other electricity-powered options at a venue that doesn’t provide power, a generator may be needed. While a portable air conditioning unit can cool down a tent somewhat, you may be better off with strategizing airflow through your sidewalls and doors. Mounted fans are also a great option for air circulation and flow in your tent. Our team can assist you with planning for power and lighting at your event. 

  • Is there enough light outside, or will you require lighting inside of the tent? 
  • Does your event require power? 
  • Does your venue provide power? 
  • Do you need backup power? 
  • What style of lighting do you want at your event? 
  • Stringed and curtain lights 
  • Chandeliers 
  • LED lights 
  • Globe lights 
  • Market/Bistro Lights 
  • Spotlights 
  • Do you want heaters or fans outdoors as well? 

New chandelier options at Tent Guys.  

We’ve acquired additional lighting options that can be used in all of our tents for your event. These chandeliers vary in style and make the perfect addition  

Large Metal Chandelier 

  • 16-light bronze metal 

Mason Jar Chandelier 

  • 9-light wooden chandelier 
  • Mason jar globes 

Small metal chandelier 

  • 9-light bronze chandelier 

Tuscan Rope Chandelier 

  • 4-light rope, chandelier made of wood and metal 

Tuscan Wood Chandelier 

  • 6-light wood and metal chandelier  

Dress up your tent with pipe and drapes. Our pipe and drapes come in 10’x10’ sections and are offered in black or white panels. You can use pipe and drapes for a number of options within your tent.  

Pipe and drapes are the perfect backdrops for a stage or movie screen. They are also great for dividing areas up at your event. If you want to hide or mask ‘behind-the-scenes’ areas, you can block off portions of your tent with drapes. Pipe and drapes are also great for adding intimacy and privacy to a tent or creating unique spaces within your event to separate between activities. We also see pipe and drapes used to add softness to a tent or to spotlight a feature at an event: think wedding cakes, private VIP sections, or highlighting a dance floor area.  

Pole drapery can cover the exposed poles of the tent to create a more finished and sleek look for your tent event. 

See our Pipe and Drape here.  

Additional checklist questions. 

You can rent a wide range of items from Tent Guys, including linens, dinnerware, and other accessories like exit signs and trash cans. Let us know your party needs and we can help you choose from a wide range of decorations and accessories to put the final touches on your event.  

  • Does your event need smaller tents for overflow or kitchen/catering areas? 
  • Do you need linens and runners to decorate your tables? 
  • Do you need dinnerware rentals for your event? 
  • Do you need fences, signs, or ropes for your event for crowd control 
  • Do you need trash cans for waste disposal? 
  • Do you need portable bars or coolers? 

Ready to party with Tent Guys?  

Planning an event takes a lot of time, focus, and effort, and Tent Guys is here to help. Give us a call and our professionals at Tent Guys will help you from start to finished on planning your next event.  

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