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This year, weddings are trending toward a more casual look. While the scale of parties isn’t getting smaller, weddings are becoming more customized and personalized. At Tent Guys, we know every couple has a unique vision for their big day, and our team of party rental professionals works directly with you to make your dream wedding come true.

Whether you’re a more traditional couple or love the latest trends, Tent Guys have everything you need to throw the perfect wedding party, with rentals for your entire weekend. Find your ‘something borrowed’ by renting from Tent Guys!


Summer 2021 Wedding Styles and Trends

After a year of COVID restrictions, cancellations, and rescheduling, 2021 has made many couples focus more on the celebration of coming together with friends and family, and less on the Instagram-perfect aesthetic and materiality. This is reflected certainly in the wedding dress, bridal party, and groomsmen styles emerging this summer as well.

Boho weddings

Brides are taking a step back from traditional wedding dress shopping and experimenting with nontraditional dresses and styles. Whether that’s a jumpsuit, tons of tassels, or a floral dress, boho brides are letting their personalities shine through their wedding fashion. Groomsmen are shifting from full suits and tuxedos to khakis and short-sleeved shirts. Some are opting to accessorize with hats and suspenders.

Another fun boho wedding addition is the party accessories. We’re seeing a lot of vintage furniture rentals and picnic style cocktail hours at boho weddings. Think cozy throws, suede couches, bohemian rugs, and floor pillows; it’s almost like bringing the coziness of a living room outdoors. For ceremonies, we’ve seen mismatched bridesmaid dresses for years, but mismatched tables and seating bring a very cool unconventional, and unique reception design.

Rehearsal Dinners and Toasts

Formal rehearsal dinners are out, and more relaxed rehearsal gatherings are in. Extremely formal rehearsal dinners are an added stress and expense to the wedding party, and you’ll find many couples opting for informal barbeques, parties, and backyard gatherings, saving the formality for the wedding day itself.

Long speeches from only the parents, maid of honor, and best man are being transformed into opportunities for more of the wedding party and close family to give mini-toasts. This allows the rehearsal dinner to feel more intimate and allows for more people that have close relationships with the couple to toast their loved ones.

Destination Elopements and Micro-Weddings

Secondhand dresses are taboo no more, especially for brides who value a budget and sustainability. We’ll be seeing more couples opting for purchasing décor secondhand (Facebook Marketplace has a ton of groups specific for wedding resale), and renting rather than buying décor (see Tent Guys linens and dinnerware). Instead of spending their savings on a wedding (with the average wedding costs coming in at about $20,000), many couples are flying or driving to destination elopements, or choosing the route of some venues micro-wedding packages with 20 guests or less.

Embracing nature and the great outdoors

After a year spent mostly indoors and practicing lots of social distancing, it’s likely that most of us are more comfortable in airy, outdoor space. This has led to a surge of interest in wedding tents, or in nontraditional spaces instead of traditional churches and venues. Whether it’s a backyard or your favorite hiking spot, an outdoor wedding can take place anywhere with the right wedding event rentals.

Those who prefer a bit more shelter, and botanical gardens, and greenhouse weddings are also experiencing a big surge in popularity. Couples find that they can make use of natural spaces and natural décor, rather than purchasing big ticket items like flowers and other live greenery.


Serve up your guests the very best with these ideas for your wedding menu.

Death of the Buffet

If buffet lines with multiple food options and stations are still desired, we’re seeing a lot of people opt for hiring food servers. This way, food servers are equipped with a mask and gloves and minimize the touching of shared silverware, platters, and potential germ exposure and contamination to the food.

Mini D’Oeuvres

Smaller plates and individualized portions are sanitary and super popular right now. Think; charcuterie boards for one, mason jar veggies with dips and dressings, or picnic baskets. Guests will love the convenience of small portioned plates and are sure to be wowed by the unique presentation that goes along with your wedding theme.

Mini Cakes = Big Impact

A three-tier masterpiece of a cake isn’t all that impressive anymore. Couples are leaning into cakes that are more dynamic in detail; a mini cake that’s well designed and extremely tasty is preferred over a giant cake with bland fondant.


Consult with one of our Event Specialists to help you find the right tent for your wedding.

20×40 Tent

This tent option offers 800 square feet of canopy coverage. For a wedding ceremony, the tent can hold 88 theater style seats, and for a banquet style reception, it can seat 53. For round tables and chairs, you can seat 47. This tent is perfect for downsized ceremonies and receptions with smaller guest counts.

20×60 Tent

This next step up offers 1200 square feet of canopy coverage, with theater seating for 133 people, banquet seating for 80 people, or round tables with chairs for 70 people. This size would be great for a micro wedding that wants to have room for the ceremony and reception all underneath one tent.

30×60 Tent

Now we’re moving into the standard wedding guest counts and tents that can accommodate about 100 guests for a reception. This tent provides 1800 square feet of canopy coverage, and theater style seats 200, and banquet style seats 120. For a reception, round tables and chairs can seat 105.

40×70 Tent

The 40×70 tent allows you to up your reception guest count to 164 and the ceremony count to 311, with 2800 square feet of canopy coverage.

40×100 Tent

For weddings with 230+ people, the 40×100 tent offers 4000 square feet of canopy coverage. Theater seating accommodates 444 people, banquet style seating seats 266 people, and round tables with chairs seat 235 people.

40 x 120 Tent

This is the largest tent option at Tent Guys, providing 4800 square feet of canopy coverage, 533 theater style seats, 320 banquet style seats, and round tables and chairs for 282 people.

Choosing the right tent size for your wedding can depend on the guest count, venue, preferred seating and table, accessories within the tent, and your decision as to whether you want the ceremony to be covered, only the reception, or both. Our Event Specialists will be able to work with you to decide what tent and accessories are appropriate for your wedding.

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Accessorize your tent with all the essentials.

Our big tents come complete with lights, fans, dance floors, tables, linens, and weather protective tent slides.

Keep your guests cool and happy in an air-conditioned tent this summer! 

There are multiple options for keeping your guests cool inside a tent rental this summer. Charlotte’s Summers are can be extremely hot, but worse than that, humid! Until the sun is down, you won’t get much reprieve from the summer heat. Don’t let your guests suffer in the heat, especially for those guests who are older or who have health conditions worsened by the heat.

Portable air conditioning is an effective and cost-efficient solution to keep your guests cool. Tent Guys offers misting fans and attachable tent fans to keep the air circulating around the tent. Talk to our Event Specialists about how you can strategically use tent walls and doors to have fresh air and a breeze come through the tent without stifling the wedding party.

More than the guests, don’t forget about the effects of heat and humidity on your wedding dress, food, flowers, and event workers. Anyone who has worn a wedding dress knows that most aren’t made with any ventilation; we’re talking layers and layers of heavy materials and tulle that simply doesn’t breathe. If you’re a bride that wants to bust a move, you don’t want to worry about sweaty pictures.

Depending on the layout of the food, you don’t want the heat to spoil or melt one of the most expensive portions of your wedding. Cakes typically sit out for the entirety of the wedding and are most subject to melting under the heat. Flowers typically center every table and are used a décor throughout a wedding, and will also wilt in the heat. Live flowers and bouquets are another big expense, so keep them well preserved with plenty of water and a cool environment shaded from the sun. Your event staff will also thank you for keeping them at a safe and comfortable temperature.

See our 5500 Watt Generator20” Tent Fans, and Misting Fans

Dance underneath the stars, or spin underneath the starry twinkle lights of your tent.

The 20×20 dance floor is our largest option at 400 square feet and accommodates around 75 people. It is portable for both indoor and outdoor, depending on where you want your first dance to take place and where you want your guests to bust a move throughout the night.

20×20 Dance Floor

A wedding dance floor can add style and fun to your outdoor wedding. Protect the wedding dress and ensure your guests’ safety by covering any uneven flooring like grass, sand, or asphalt where heels can get stuck or ankles twisted. Some venues also require a rental dance floor to protect flooring and carpet, so be sure to check with your venue to see if a dance floor rental is required. Even if the venue has carpet, carpet isn’t the best surface for turning and spinning as a wood floor can provide. Dance floors can also create a central location for dancing so that guests don’t feel that they’re siloed in different areas of the venue.

Market Lighting 

Market lights, or bistro lights, are excellent lighting solutions for outdoor weddings or nighttime receptions. The market lighting comes in 50 ft strands, and the LED Edison bulbs are a super popular option right now for modern couples with a vintage flair. You can string the market lights across the width of the tent, or they can be used with planter boxes and poles to string across a patio space or create an intimate dance floor.

Floor Uplighting + Slim Par 64 LED

For the couple that wants an all-out dance floor and party at their reception, LED lights to give you the best visual to light up the dance floor and highlight the DJ area. The LED lights also give you the ability to customize colors. Our Slim PAR 64 LEDs are great for use inside and outside of the tent. Paired with our floor uplighting, you can transform a space entirely through personalized color displays, and or uplighting your tent walls or pipes and drapes.

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are a warm and romantic touch to any wedding. If weather catches your event off guard, twinkle lights are the perfect replacement for dancing the night away underneath the stars – and instead, dry and warm underneath the protective canopy of your tent!

Talk to one of our event specialists about incorporating a light package and dance floor into your event.

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