Hosting A Summer Grad Party

Hosting A Summer Grad Party

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Looking for event rentals for your party or special event? Tent Guys has you covered with everything from tents to tableware. Whether you need a cozy space for a small gathering or a grand setup for a big bash, we have the right products and services for you. Browse our products or talk to our friendly staff to plan your perfect event today.

Event Rentals

As we get closer to May, many folks plan out graduation parties for family, friends, or even themselves. Finding the right place to rent all of your party supplies can be difficult and makes planning for a celebration less exciting and more stressful. Tent Guys is the premier event rental business and has the expertise to make sure your grad party is one to remember. 

And since those grad parties happen during a perfect time to be outdoors, there’s practically a tradition around hosting them outside. Tent Guys are true to their name, able to provide the tent and venue aesthetic, but they aren’t locked to just tents. Tent guys also have every other rental option you’ll need for hosting, like chairs, tables, dance floors, decorations, and a track record of happy customers. 

The Necessities

Like those who are preparing to graduate, you’ll need to study up and do some preparation for the right party. Knowing the number of guests you’ll have, what type of party you’re going for, and what the celebrated grad prefers, are all necessary first steps before picking up the phone and reserving some rentals. 

Once you have those boxes checked you can move on over to the Tent Guys catalog and build the party you’ve envisioned.

Set Up and Seating

Maybe the most important thing for party rentals is seating, chairs, tables, and a setup that facilitates a happy party. 

The team at Tent Guys has you covered. And since every tent on the website has the number of people it can hold, depending on the setup, you’re ready to go and don’t have to stress about the details.

Regular folding padded chairs typically come to mind when you picture an outdoor grad party. Tent Guys offer both a Black Padded and White Padded chair, giving you two good options for colors compatible with your party’s theme. 

Outside of the classic folding chair options, Tent Guys have chairs that invoke a sense of luxury, all with different trims and types of wood. The Mahogany Chiavari Chair is a great example of that luxury and sheer volume of choice. Each one of these chairs has optional padding, made for comfortable seating and a happy guest list.

Tent Guys even offer bench rentals, with one of the most eye-catching being the Farm Table Bench. It’s capable of seating three to four people and has a rustic feel that would be perfect for the right graduate.

If you have seating in check, you need somewhere to gather around, eat, and converse. Tent Guys offer great table options that are sure to be suited to whatever type of grad party you’re looking to host. 

The 4’ Round table or 5’ Round table are ideal for guest seating and eating. They’re easy to move and set up and are the natural partners of the classic folding chairs mentioned earlier. The best thing about the round table options is the linens that you can pair with them. Tent Guys have tablecloths that will fit any one of their tables rented. 

The best part? They come in countless colors. Those colors are perfect if you’re trying to reflect wherever your graduate just graduated from and add a splash of life to your backyard grad party.

For those seeking to expand seating across the entire yard, outside of the coverage of a tent or porch, the 4′ Round Umbrella Table is perfect for the job. Bringing coverage and comfort to whatever portion of your yard you chose to seat guests.

Having Fun

Your guests may have somewhere to sit but they also need somewhere to have fun. One of the best ways to celebrate is by investing in a dance floor rental for your guests. Tent Guys have multiple dance floor options that will accompany everyone who wants to dance, sizes include the 12’x12’16’x16’, and 20’x20’.

Lighting options let you step up your party game further, the Slim Par 64 LED is ideal for someone looking to switch colors to match any mood or any mascot colors. 

When celebrating something like graduation you should be planning for an event that creates memories, a dance floor and design-oriented for fun is just the way to do that.

The Venue

Since you’ll likely be in your backyard, the venue may seem obvious. While that’s the foundation of the location for your party, the right tent can really make it feel like the place to be.

Tent Guys have 20 tents to choose from, so you’re sure to find the one perfect for your party. Each tent has customizable options, sidewalls, door options, windows, etc. are all ways to set your tent set up apart from the rest. 

Some of their tent options can even host 533 guests!

The 20×60 is an option on the larger side sure to be compatible with whatever you may need out of a tent for a grad party. While on the larger side, most yards can fit this tent, and for those seeking a meal and discussion around a table, it’s perfect.

The 20×20 tent looks like it came from a grad party magazine. The right size fits most backyards but is big enough to host anywhere from 23 to 44 guests depending on the chair and table setup you choose. The extra space the 20×20 provides by being compact gives you room to set up a round of cornhole or any other game that gets you standing and moving.

Whatever the case, a tent is a perfect way to show that this is an event worth celebrating and can provide a bit of shelter from the spring sun and heat.

Staying Cool

Speaking of trying to beat the spring sun and heat, Tent Guys have options designed around keeping your outdoor event cool and comfortable. The spring sun is notorious for giving sunburn, causing sweat, and discomfort in many-a outdoor events, but Tent Guys are ready to help.

The 20″ Tent Fan W/Mount can be placed on the ground or mounted to keep the air moving and prevent your relatives from spending the whole evening fanning themselves. The Misting Fan is a bit more ambitious, combining a fan and water system that creates a cooling mist for everyone passing by. Depending on the heat of the day, this addition could make you a real hero of the party.

Another important aspect of staying cool is staying hydrated. The Cooler 120 QT is ideal for fitting in a large number of drinks while being capable of keeping them cold and refreshing. And the Portable Bar is another option to provide refreshing drinks, its built-in ice bin holds up to 80 lbs of ice! Though this one is reserved for those graduates that are of age.

Keeping your guests cool is important to keep them happy.

You want everyone focusing on the recent graduate’s success, not on how much they’re missing their air conditioning.

Party Rentals All In One Place

Tent Guys have all the answers to every party rental question you could have. The versatility they have in chairs, dance floors, party tents, and other party hosting equipment is simply unrivaled. 

Those looking ahead to a spring graduation party shouldn’t be okay calling every place in town to get a piece of their party at a time. Go with the party people with the most, rent from Tent Guys today!

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