March Watch Party Preparation 

March Watch Party Preparation 

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March is quickly approaching and people all across the Carolinas are eyeing ways to make sure their watch parties go off without a hitch. Much like putting up a good defense, you don’t want to get caught in transition during your party preparation. 

Around 36-million Americans will fill out the NCAA basketball bracket this year.

Your chance of a perfect bracket is one in 9.2 quintillion. While you can likely count on your brackets to be ruined early into the sports season, you should have confidence in your hosting ability. Give up on the perfect bracket and focus on the perfect watch party! 

Some folks may be scratching their heads trying to figure out how to fit every ideal guest in their living room. Furthermore, they may be worried about bringing all of those people into their homes. Between cleaning in anticipation of hosting, then cleaning once the hosting is done, the task feels Herculean. Coupled with the fact that there will be games all month long, you’ll have much to do if you want to host every time your team is playing. (Though if your team is eliminated early, a bright side could be the end of party preparation! Similarly, a run all the way to the championship game could place a ton of pressure on the host.) 

An excellent solution to all these early planning problems is fairly simple. Move your entertainment outside, with the help of Tent Guys.

Bringing Inside Outside

Sitting on the same old couch is no way to rally behind your team as they make their run. With the advancement in both technology that can bring all the comforts of inside, outside, and with a company with the expertise of Tent Guys, you’ll be able to root for your team in style while doing so in a space never utilized before. 

With options for small get-togethers, like the 10×10 tent, you have a perfect choice for the small friend circle. Though if you’re looking to host the whole team, 20×40 tents or 30×40 may be more your speed.  

You may have your eyes on a tent option, but North Carolina’s weather is anything but predictable.

Thankfully, Tent Guys has offers that would help you brave whatever may come in March, including a snowstorm or monsoon. Though the latter possibility may make you look at the 15’ rain gutter, just to be safe.  Special Events Door Rental Charlotte NC

Tent Guys have a good selection of options for heating needs. A great rule of thumb is every 1 square foot needs 150 BTUs to heat. There’s even an article breaking down how to identify exactly what you need to stay warm. Generating the heat is important, maintaining it is even more necessary. Sidewalls give you plentiful ways to keep that heat inside and bring the comfort of indoors to your backyard. You even have the option for walls that include windows and french doors, making sure you’ll get the authentic living room feeling. 

With it being in March, hosting the tournament outdoors is prone to having weather that can make you shiver or sweat in the Carolinas. The 20-inch tent fan is a creative rental option for the latter possibility. With an option for mounting on the tent’s frame, the 20-inch fan is a great way to keep the air moving and your guests comfortable. A more exciting option is the misting fan, its nice cooling fog makes it feel like you just walked off the court, a sure way to make your party unique and keep you cool.

Watching the game isn’t boring, so your lighting options should be equally exciting. Easily the best option for a March watch party is the slim par 64 LED, a lightweight, versatile fit, that offers robust color-changing options. Make sure you can pick your favorite team colors, or change the mood during the big moments. If the number of options of color-changing lights brings you some trouble, there are some other great options that provide the perfect amount of ambiance for the right party atmosphere.  

While these pieces provide the most necessary foundation for an outdoor watch party, we’ve yet to get to the most important part of March. 

Watching The Game

The entertainment setup is the lifeline for any good sports-watching event. Most folks are probably viewing the prospect of an outdoor viewing as nearly impossible. Lack of outlets, power, and moving your beloved television are all potential roadblocks in your efforts to provide a unique college basketball season. 

The 100-foot extension cord is guaranteed to bring your power options outside. The 50-foot is a better, less cumbersome option, for those closer to home. You may be wondering, “how can I get the power without pulling it from my home?”

Tent Guys offers generator options that can keep you off the main grid and still give you all the juice necessary. The best option is the 2200W Generator, guaranteed to run quietly so you can focus on the play-by-play. With most TVs only taking up around 80 watts, you’re sure to be able to run the necessities and the luxuries during your outdoor party with this generator. 

With the weatherproofing options listed earlier in the option, you can have confidence in bringing your television outside. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent outside entertainment fixture or a television installation by a professional team, I’d recommend checking out Audio Video Charlotte, another small business in the Charlotte area that’s well versed in maximizing your entertainment experience. Portable Bar Rental


Here are some additional options that’ll be “sweeter than a second chance point” in taking your party to the next level.

Hydrating and feeding your party guests can be as difficult as caring for a full team. Make sure your beverages are cool all season with the 120 QT cooler. The portable bar gives you a slew of options and a base of operation for handing out drinks. Its plentiful storage, alongside a built-in ice bin, ensures that everyone will have a favorite drink in their hand. 

Plate and dish options that are perfect for appetizers and all the right finger foods for game day are also available through Tent Guys. The white rectangular plates are the best option that can accommodate every game-day snack, leaving you with few dishes to worry about as the game wraps up.

Final Thoughts

Only one person has ever been recorded predicting the exact outcome of a basketball season. Unpredictability guides the sports season, bringing some great moments for upsets and big heartbreaks for favorite teams. 

The details listed above, and information about Tent Guys’ many offers should help guide you to a great party. Though if it’s still feeling like your chances of making the party excellent are similar to an underdog, Tent Guys can help. With a full event planning option that will set up the party for you, professionals are dedicated to making sure you’re given the right equipment and care during your party setup.

Keep the unpredictability to the best season for college basketball. Let Tent Guys help you ‘post-up’ and throw a fantastic college basketball watch party!

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