Plan Now for Your Easter Celebration!

Plan Now for Your Easter Celebration!

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Looking for event rentals for your party or special event? Tent Guys has you covered with everything from tents to tableware. Whether you need a cozy space for a small gathering or a grand setup for a big bash, we have the right products and services for you. Browse our products or talk to our friendly staff to plan your perfect event today.

Event Rentals

Spring has sprung, and the Easter holiday is right around the corner! We anticipate a busy Easter season and recommend that you book early if you want to ensure your guests are jumping (or…hopping!) with joy. We have some Easter themed party rentals to help you put together the perfect family Easter dinner, an Easter Egg hunt, or an Easter celebration. Tent Guys is located right here in Charlotte, NC, and serves as your go-to party event rentals for the greater Charlotte area.

Planning for your Easter extravaganza

Easter is arguably the biggest holiday in the Spring when it comes to throwing a party and hosting a large number of guests. Whether you celebrate it for religious or secular reasons, Easter gatherings bring family and friends together over food, games, and spending time outside in the beautiful weather.

That feeling of hope is more relevant than ever this year, after the recent widespread rollout of vaccines nationwide bringing the expectation of lifted restrictions on gathering and a return to normalcy as soon as this Summer. If you’re not already sending invites, making calls, and securing your party rentals, you should be; competition for rentals is bound to be fierce this year. With many weddings and large events having been rescheduled from last year, there is already a rental scarcity for Spring 2021. 

We know how stressful it can be to plan a large party or family event, especially after an entire year of cancellations and distancing, so we’ve put together a list of all your Easter party event rental needs, recommendations for fun and food, and tips for your party’s success. 

Don’t let April showers get the best of your Easter event! Rent a tent!

When we think of Easter, we picture kids running around hunting for eggs, Easter bunnies decorating every surface, bright and fresh green grass, and the warmth of the sun on a beautiful spring day. Wait, unless… is that a cloud? Suddenly, it’s pouring! Welcome to North Carolina!

Weather is always unpredictable, but especially so with Charlotte’s unpredictable swings of weather. While it may be in the warm sunny 70’s, there’s just as good of a chance that it could dip into the 50’s, pour down, or face a forecast of overcast weather. Stay protected from the elements with a tent rental. If you opt for a larger tent, make sure you account for enough space to have chairs and tables, room for children to run around, and other entertainment activities. Every guest should have space accounted for them underneath the tent, in case of inclement weather or protection from the sun. 

While we can’t rent the weather, you can be prepared for any situation with our numerous tent rental options.


Our white resin Chiavari chairs are perfect for a formal Easter celebration, or an Easter tea party with friends. 

A more budget-friendly option that also retains a garden party aesthetic is our white padded chair.

Tables and Linens

Soft pastels in pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue all race to mind when envisioning Easter. Table linens are the perfect way to customize your celebration and tie your theme together. We have a number of table options, depending on how you want to distance your guests and how you want the food to be served. We recommend tables at six feet apart and having a seating chart to ensure that quarantine pods stick together. When it comes to linens, white is clean and classic. The table runners and centerpieces are where you can really get creative!

Fencing & Turf

Our white picket fencing is a great way to keep the little ones contained during an Easter egg hunt. Lay down turf flooring if the yard is muddy, the children face spring allergies, or to drive home the vision of bright green grass (that may not yet be a reality for many yards). With the fencing and turf, you can also set up a photo booth and meet and greet station for everyone to say hello to the Easter bunny!


Despite the fact that Easter is all about celebrating the end of winter, spring evenings can still be rather chilly. With many families still opting for outdoor events to properly distance and follow local COVID-19 guidelines, patio heaters are a great in-between option to ensure your guests aren’t shivering in the cold when the sun goes down. Tents retain heat relatively well, so you likely wouldn’t need a full generator set-up to heat the tent. Our patio heaters provide the perfect radius of heat for about 10 people outside of the tent.

Easter Food

While not totally comprehensive, there are a number of foods that come to mind when thinking about a traditional Easter. Here are some options to get you thinking: 

Easter finger foods and appetizers

  • Egg salad sandwiches
  • Deviled eggs
  • Dill dip
  • Charcuterie board
  • Hummus and pita chips
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Pimento cheese finger sandwiches
  • Cucumber finger sandwiches
  • Greek lamb meatballs
  • Quiche pies

Easter lunch

  • Grilled lamp and artichoke kebabs
  • Shaved carrot and radish salad
  • Cauliflower soup
  • Classic glazed ham
  • Honey glazed carrots
  • Scalloped potatoes

Easter dinner

  • Fish, like roasted salmon
  • Rack of lamb
  • Roast lamb
  • Honey butter ham
  • Smoked pork butt and cabbage
  • Irish lamb stew
  • Roasted olives with lemon, garlic, and herbs
  • Roasted asparagus
  • Braided bread

Easter desserts and treats

  • Egg candies and chocolates
  • Cupcakes
  • Peeps
  • Carrot cake
  • Lemon curd

Easter cocktails

Easter cocktails should be as bright, light, and cheerful, just like the holiday! These cocktails are pretty shades of pink, red, and involve bubbly champagnes and fresh fruit. 

  • Strawberry sangria 
  • Oklahoma prairie fire spiked strawberry lemonade
  • Berry and citrus spritzer

Easter Party Themes, Decorations, and Accessories

Party accessories like a cotton candy machine, snow cone machine, or popcorn maker make for relatively cheap, easy, and interactive elements that children will love! 

Easter table decoration inspiration:

Baskets of eggs, Easter bunnies, chicks, and spring flowers are all perfect symbols of Easter to decorate with. From festive banners with little bunnies to spreading a table with paper Easter grass, your budget doesn’t have to be big to make a statement. Ceramic pastel eggs in glass domes or vases serve as perfect centerpieces. Mini wicker baskets are also great and can serve as little gift baskets filled with treats for your guests to take home. When it comes to flowers, tulips are absolutely classic, but lilies and daffodils also offer the bright splashes of color you want to make your table décor stand out. 

Throw a mad (Easter!) tea party.

Alice in Wonderland definitely isn’t religious-Easter related, but it did involve a rabbit, so it seems good enough reason to add a layer of fun to the theme of your Easter party. Bring on the hot tea, tea cakes, and finger foods, and take the formal dining room outdoors. Invite your guests to wear their best hat to the mad Easter tea party, and obviously be prepared to wear fun, bright colors. 

Easter brunch

You never need an excuse for a mimosa station when you send the invites as a brunch gathering! Instead of traditional Easter foods, you can opt for breakfast buffets, coffee, light sandwiches and wraps, fresh fruit, and veggie trays. Brunch is a great option for guests who may be attending a church service to head straight over to brunch and an Easter egg hunt!

Easter baby showers

Among mammals, spring is baby season! If you know of an expectant mother, Easter is the perfect holiday to combine occasions. If you need more reason, the springtime classic from Beatrix Potter’s “Peter Rabbit” is a precious book to inspire your Easter baby shower celebration. 

Entertain your guests with Easter games and activities!

Young or old, big or small, our Easter party activities can appeal to guests of all ages and offer an alternative to Easter’s of years past. The appearance of the Easter Bunny shouldn’t be the only one enjoying hopping around the party! Plan some interactive games to get all of your guests out of their seats and make for an exciting Easter.

Egg decorating

Start early on this activity by preparing boiled eggs ahead of your guests’ arrival. Set out an egg decorating station with a variety of options for your guests to decorate their eggs. Some love the water marbling of using shaving cream, while others prefer the tried and true vinegar and food coloring. Kids love glitter and stickers! Have fun!

Easter Egg Hunt (for the little ones, or adults!)

Head to the dollar store and stock up on the plastic Easter eggs, because who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? Whether you’re planning it for the children or adults (or both!) there’s no limit to what surprises you can hide in the eggs. From candy and cash to mini liquor bottles (adults only, obviously) and toys, an Easter egg hunt is fun for all ages. 

Easter Egg Cheat Sheet

Pro tip: When hiding eggs for the children’s or adult hunt, make sure you have a cheat sheet. An Easter egg hunt is all in good fun until it’s days later and your dog brings you a gooey plastic egg covered in toxic chocolate. It’s especially bad when you start to smell real, hand decorated hard-boiled eggs. In either case, make a cheat sheet of the locations where you’re hiding the eggs, have an egg count (everyone loves a good competition!), and once the party’s over, you can check that all the eggs are in the (metaphorical?) basket. 

Easter Egg Obstacle Course

After you’ve dyed your eggs, you’re ready to put the party guests’ creations to the test! Grab some spoons and have your guests balance their egg on a spoon as they maneuver around an Easter themed obstacle course – and obviously don’t forget the timer, because making it a race makes it ten times more fun!

Pass the Egg Game

Remember playing hot potato as a kid? Now try it with an egg! Have your players sit around in a circle. Play music as the egg starts to be passed around in a circle starting to the left. Then, stop the music! Whichever player is holding the egg is out! Start back the music, and keep stopping the music when the players least expect it! Once one player is left, you have a winner!

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Another fun family challenge is a sack face! You can put an Easter spin on this party classic by attaching a big white furry pom-pom to the back of each sack to make it look like everyone hopping to the finish line has a bunny tail.

Bring on the Spring with Tent Guys this Easter holiday!

While the core of every great party is the family and friends you surround yourself with, you can make it even more memorable with unique decorations, activities, and accessories. Let Tent Guys help you plan your Easter 2021 celebration and serve all your party rental needs. 

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