Party in the QC: Event Rentals for your Holiday Parties

Party in the QC: Event Rentals for your Holiday Parties

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Looking for event rentals for your party or special event? Tent Guys has you covered with everything from tents to tableware. Whether you need a cozy space for a small gathering or a grand setup for a big bash, we have the right products and services for you. Browse our products or talk to our friendly staff to plan your perfect event today.

Event Rentals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to throw a party!

December is an incredibly busy month at work and home, filled with holiday parties at every turn. Are you in charge of hosting this year’s corporate party? Or is it a friend’s December graduation celebration? What about planning a creative, fresh spin on your annual family reunion?

Whether you are hosting all your family or friends for the holidays or throwing a massive New Year’s Eve party, no matter the guest list or occasion, Tent Guys, LLC is your Charlotte, NC party and event rental go-to.

Its beginning to cost a lot like Christmas!

Don’t let money prevent you from texting and sending Facebook invites to all the friends and family that you want to celebrate with this December. Save your money where you can on your event planning by renting equipment from Tent Guys, LLC. We’ll help you save money on event rentals, and enable you to put it where you need it more this holiday season.

Make your holiday get-together a hit with our party rentals

Picture this: it’s the day of the event and all you have to worry about is catering and the arrival of your guests. That is the peace of mind that booking through Tent Guys, LLC. gives you.

Tent Guys, LLC. take the hassle out of purchasing event needs by providing a catalog with everything you need to throw your party. From flooring to lighting, generators and all the accessories in between, Tent Guys, LLC has you covered. And when the party’s over, you won’t be stuck with anything you don’t need. We make event planning easy and cheap without sacrificing any quality!

Where should you start?

Food and drink

Every holiday party needs tasty snacks, food, and plenty of beverages to go around. Holidays bring on the food and drinks in amounts we don’t get any other time of the year, so having the table space and eating areas to accommodate that is very important. You’ll need tables for food, drinks, and possibly a portable mini bar to serve your guests.

Napkins, utensils, plates, and cups should also be provided. Although one-time use napkins, utensils, plates, and cups may be easier for the host in the short term, the holidays are the perfect time to use quality dishes and linens. Your guests will appreciate the effort, and you’ll be able to take your party to an upscale, welcoming feel.

Seating and tablesHoliday Party Rentals

Rent your tables and chairs from Tent Guys, LLC. Your partygoers will need seats and tables to socialize, set down their drinks and plates, and rest in between dancing the night away. For quick and easy set up and tear down, all of our tables and chairs fold flat. Due to their light weight and ability to fold, you can even move the tables and chairs from place to place, transforming the space to your needs. Space can sometimes be limited in rented venues, so being able to efficiently transition from a dining area to a dance floor is very valuable.

Between our round, rectangular, and cocktail tables, we guarantee that your guests will be quite comfortable. Be sure to place linens and table covers to protect the tables and minimize clean-up at the end of the night. These protective barriers do much more than preventing damage to tables; they add an extra bit of visual flare to your party that can make the difference. We also offer chair covers to add elegance to your night or tie together a color scheme. Table linens are available in various colors to suit your holiday party theme.

Spice up the workplace holiday party

Getting out of the office and kicking back and relaxing with coworkers is the best way to wrap up the final quarter of the year. At Tent Guys, LLC, we’ve seen our fair share of truly fun corporate holiday events.

From renting a tent to hosting an end of the year bash in uptown complete with dinner, to providing an extended happy hour party, there are so many opportunities to take your corporate holiday party to the next level. Make your holiday corporate event extra special this year by moving the party from a local uptown bar to a private corporate event. Tent Guys, LLC can provide all your party rental needs from a tent and flooring to a power generator.

Create an audio and visual experience for your guests:

Beyond renting a DJ, consider using a PA system, a projector, or a podium with mic so you’ll be able to engage the entire party with these AV tools. Perhaps you can use the projector for a fun end of year slideshow with photos that encompass your 2019 experiences with coworkers, or throwback the past decade for family and friends.  You could also consider hosting karaoke for your guests, an awards ceremony, and so much more.

Party like it’s the roaring 20’s: New Year’s Eve Parties

If there were a time to throw a killer New Year’s Eve party, it’s hard to think of a better time than 2020. With the start of a new decade upon us, this New Year’s Eve for the upcoming 2020 is the prime time to throw a party for your friends and family. We expect there will be lots of glitz, glam, and possibly homage to the 1920s, so themed parties like Gatsby Night will be a perfect way to swing into the ‘20s of the 21st century. Recreate the look with our red-carpet rollout, red, gold, and silver linens and table runners, and globe lights.

Not enough space indoors for all of your guests?Holiday Party Rentals

Move the party outside with our tent rentals. We offer a variety of tent sizes and accessories to customize your tent, from Tent French doors to windows, and more. If you’re hosting a live band, consider renting a raised stage from Tent Guys, LLC to ensure all of your guests can see the performance. We also provide stage skirts and flooring for your tent event rentals.

Looking for finishing touches to your holiday parties?

Set up a photo booth for your guests.

With a simple plain colored tablecloth and sparkly lights, you can give your guests the backdrop for a social media worthy photo backdrop. Throw in a couple of props or confetti, and you’re ready to go! If you’re going the extra mile, bring on a professional photographer to run the booth and provide your guests with unforgettable memories to take home.

Add holiday sparkle to your party:

Guests will appreciate fine glasses, china, and utensils at a holiday gathering.  Compared to disposable cups and plates, glass and real plates will create an elegant ambiance. Choosing a sparkly or complementary table runner, complete with table garnishes like tea lights candles or greenery will leave your guests eagerly sitting and socializing to enjoy the scenery.

Pick a holiday color scheme:

Color schemes that complement rose gold and champagne accents are extremely popular right now. The rose gold and champagne color schemes work well alongside a variety of holiday events, from a holiday party to a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Provide games for your guests to interact with one another.

Every party is better with games! Giant Jenga and cornhole are great outdoor games for guests to play, while card games may be more suitable for youngsters as the adults socialize.

Make your holiday food experience unforgettable:

Wine, champagne, and hors d’ouevres are a must-have for any holiday party. If you’re hosting an alcohol friendly event, providing the first round of drinks and appetizers is a great way to kick off the party.

If you are not catering an event, we encourage you to make a stress-free menu! Choose between a select number of savory and sweet treats, and some store bought additional. Even better? A grab and go, finger food only menu requires no utensils, meaning less clean up at the end of the night.

One of our favorite ways to host a party is to share the responsibility of providing for one another by hosting a potluck or providing snacks and inviting partygoers to bring their own booze.

Keep the drinks flowing:

Custom cocktails for every guest can become pricey and require bartenders and more bar space. Big-batch drinks and punches are crowd pleasers and your guests will love that they just help themselves. Mix the recipes prior to the party, set up a drink table with a bucket of ice, and don’t forget your cocktail glasses, napkins, and garnishes.

Maintain the mood:Holiday Party Rentals

Forget about fluorescent overheads and fill in with warm lighting wherever possible. If you’re at home, tea light and tall candles are a great way to warm the room and create a lovely winter scent indoors. At work, stringing Christmas lights brings the holiday cheer to the office on a budget.

At Tent Guys, LLC we offer a number of lighting options, ranging from sets of 8 globe string lights, twinkle lights, and market lights, perfect for a calmer, winter wonderland vibe, to slim par 64 LED lights and floor uplighting, both being must haves for a dance floor.

Bring the Christmas cheer, but don’t overdo it:

You can infuse holiday cheer without subjecting your party to Michael Bublè crooning his tunes or back-to-back holiday tracks “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” and “Silent Night.” Mix holiday hits with modern favorites, and rest assured your guests will be thankful for the reprieve of old and new favorites.

Note: This is not to say you shouldn’t forget to play Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” every hour. After all, this is the only month where it’s totally appropriate to do so!

Signal the partys over!

As a host, it can be difficult to tell guests to clear out when the party’s over. With a delicate line between being rude and sincerely wanting to wrap up the party, we have a few tricks. Ensure that you outline the party start and end times on the invitation, provide an after-party locations, nearby hotels (if needed), and encourage the use of taxis and rideshares. The most subtle way to start signaling that the party is over is to lower the music, blow out the candles, turn on normal lighting. Hint not taken? Start cleaning up and offering to order ride-shares!

Happy holidays from Tent Guys, LLC to our Charlotte family!

For more information on hosting your event, contact Tent Guys, LLC at (980) 228-6999. We provide full-service event rentals and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We have expert party planners available to chat with you about your next event! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to serving you in the new year!

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