Did you know that between November 1st to January 15th, there are roughly 29 holidays celebrated by 7 different religions? So when we say “Happy Holidays,” we mean it! With so many opportunities to bring friends and family together after nearly two years in an isolating pandemic, the end of 2021 will see big celebrations. With COVID-19 still posing a threat to the safety and wellness of our loved ones, we predict that many will choose to keep their celebrations outdoors to continue to promote social distancing and the circulation of fresh air. At Tent Guys, we have everything you need to make your party a success, whether you’re throwing down for Diwali, feasting for Thanksgiving, or bringing the cheer for Christmas.


Make your guest list, and check it twice — especially before securing your party rentals!

Tent rentals are going to be in high demand this season, and we recommend solidifying your holiday plans and scheduling your party rentals well in advance this year to ensure that you have everything you need for the big day. Our tents at Tent Guys are extremely versatile, as they are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from a 10×10 tent to a 40×120.

Make some lasting memories with our rentals. Looking to have a large family reunion or gathering during the holidays? Or perhaps your company is having a holiday event to show employees how much they are appreciated this season? Whatever the case may be, our wide range of tents and accompanying accessories are sure to delight your guests. 

Let us help you create a positive ambiance with our tent rentals. Our tents come in a variety of sizes, which are ideal for outdoor parties, dining events, and other celebrations. You may also be interested in tent accessories like window walls, solid walls, and doors for more privacy or to keep your guests shielded from the cold. 


Everything to know about our tents:

Heavy Duty and Well-Made Construction: Our tents are manufactured using top grade vinyl (NFPA certified fire resistant) and all tent frames are constructed using aircraft grade aluminum. 

All Weather Conditions: Tent material is 100% waterproof (even during heavy rainfall). The material blocks harmful UV rays and provides cool shade. If high winds, lightning or any other inclement weather is present that may affect your delivery, Tent Guys may be delayed or be prevented from delivering your items. If bad weather is expected during your rental period, please refer to your rental agreement for your responsibilities regarding rental equipment.


Expansive Inventory: Our tent sizes range from 10×10 all the way to 40×120.

Areas Served: We serve the Greater Charlotte area in North Carolina.

Local Delivery: Delivery fees depend on the location of the event and the size of the order, with additional charges applying for multi-truck orders. Our delivery fee includes first floor delivery, accessible from our truck, as well as pick up. Stairs, elevators, or other obstacles may require additional fees.

Delivery Times: Our standard delivery times are Monday-Friday 9 am to 4 pm. Deliveries outside of those times or Saturday and Sunday deliveries will be at a higher rate than standard delivery. Orders are usually delivered the day prior to your event and picked up the day after. For Saturday/Sunday events, delivery is Friday prior, and pick up will be the Monday or Tuesday following.

Tent Set-Up: The last thing you need to worry about during the holidays is setting up a tent! All tents will be set up and taken down by Tent Guys’ trained personnel. Set up of dance floors, lighting, draping, and power equipment will be done by our staff as well. Tables and chairs will be stacked under the tent or at the venue upon delivery. Tables and chairs can be set up and arranged for an additional fee of $.50 per chair and $1.00 per table. 

Rent for however long you need: If you require rentals for more than a weekend or day, we do offer weekly and monthly rentals as well. The pricing in our catalog is based on a full, single day rental.


The sun may set early, but Tent Guys have beautiful lighting to keep your event bright and let the party keep going.

Over the span of 2021, we have added stunning new lighting fixtures to our catalog that we know you and your guests will love. 

Curtain Twinkle Lights: For lovers of the romantic, intimate, and magical, our curtain twinkle lights are perfect for hanging from the walls of the tent all around, or to highlight a particular feature or area. 

Mason Jar Chandelier: If a farmhouse Christmas is your dream aesthetic, take it to the tent with our stunning mason jar chandelier. You can definitely bring the folk and country to a tent with the right accessories. 

Tucson Wood Chandelier: This beauty brings all the vibes of a snowy cabin in the woods, with 6 lights and wood accents. 

Large Metal Chandelier: Draw your guests and decor together under this large lighting centerpiece. A large chandelier is a great way to make a statement, while also providing two functions: extra lighting, as well as a physical way to map the tent’s areas out. 


Ensure everyone’s feeling cozy in the winter months with plenty of heating and warming opportunities.

Tent Guys offers products like party tent heaters, sidewalls, flooring all as ways you can keep your guests comfortable and warm while having outdoor events when the temperature drops. When the temperature starts to dip below 65 degrees, especially a night, you’ll want to consider heating options for your tent. Sidewalls are the first way to keep the heat inside of your tent, in addition to a number of our flooring options. 

Heating a party tent is as easy as adding heaters to your party rentals. Our large heaters are safely designed for keeping your party tent and guests warm. You may need more than one large heater depending on the temperature outside and the size of the tent. Patio heaters are also a great way to keep your guests warm when they go outside of the tent. 

In conditions of freezing temperatures, or weather conditions involving snow or icy, we strongly advise against the use of party tents. Vinyl can be damaged in freezing weather, and as durable as tents are, they may not withstand the added weight of snow or ice. Weather conditions can change quickly and drastically during the winter. While planning your event and during your event, use your best judgment and continually check weather forecasts. At Tent Guys, we certainly monitor the weather conditions of the greater Charlotte area and advise our renters accordingly. 


Set the table for sipping, dining, and toasting with friends around the holidays. 

Table and chair rental options

Having enough seating and tables for your guests is a top priority for any event — plus your tables and chairs set-up are often the centerpieces around which your guests gather and you can put your Pinterest-worthy food and decor on display! The best part of renting your tables and chairs from Tent Guys is not just being able to choose from a wide variety of tables and chairs to ensure that everyone has a place to sit down and be comfortable during a holiday party, but also providing your guests to have warm, inviting conversations in a stunning setting.

You might be interested in some of our latest table rental additions like the following:

● Farm table collection:

○ 5’ round farm table

○ 8’ farm table

○ Round bistro farm table

○ Small square farm table

○ Cocktail farm table

○ Square bistro farm table


All about dinnerware

Need to rent dinnerware for your holiday and are not sure how to determine how much you’ll need? Rest easy! Running out of plates, glasses or cutlery won’t happen if you follow our best practices.


Why rent your dinnerware?

Be on trend and cohesive: Tent Guys has a large variety of dinnerware options available for rent, making it easy for you to provide guests with a cohesive and themed set of plates, cups, silverware, and more. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

● The Duke Royal Blue Charger paired with The Duchess Goblets

● Our Brushed Gold silverware set

● The stunning antique-style Carey Collection chargers

● Champagne coups and flutes

● Frosted salad plates 

Highlight your holiday party’s specialties like egg nog, Christmas cocktails, Irish coffee, and hot cider with the perfect glassware. Goblets, champagne flutes, and wine glasses are also excellent holiday party rentals to properly celebrate and make toasts with your friends and family!

Avoid the impossibilities of event storage or purchasing one-time-use items: More than likely, you don’t have hundreds of gold chargers lying around or enough silverware for more than 10 guests in your kitchen. The average person certainly doesn’t have the time and space to store and transport all the plates, glasses, and cutlery required for a large party. Moreover, if you opt for disposable, one-use plastics, they can’t be recycled. A recent study found that even compostable “plastic” can be just as harmful as single-use plastics. Renting out your dinnerware ensures that you’re being eco-friendly, as well as avoiding purchasing new dinnerware for one event or large guest count.


Renting dinnerware basics:

To start, the amount of dinnerware and flatware you need depends on the type of event. At a cocktail party, you may only need drinkware and small plates, whereas a more formal dinner (think: Thanksgiving) would require at least three plates per person.

Once you have your baseline guest count, be sure to order a minimum of ten extra plates, glasses, and flatware settings so that you’ll have plenty of backups. Ordering extras ensures you’re covered for forgotten guests (such as the DJ, photographer, videographer, guests who forget to RSVP, or your cousin’s new girlfriend showing up) as well as any kitchen mishaps. An easy rule of thumb to follow is that if your event is larger than 100 people, order 10 to 20 percent extra dinnerware.

Explore all of our dinnerware options.

Linen color combinations to swoon over:

● Burgundy tablecloth with Hunter green satin stripe table runner

● Classic ivory tablecloth

● Burnt orange or copper for fall festivus

● Burgundy with satin stripe tablecloth paired with a sparkly gold table runner

● Royal blue for a winter wonderland

● Cherry red for Christmas cheer

● Sleek black for ringing in the New Year


Have a happy holiday season with Tent Guys!

Let an experienced rental company like Tent Guys handle your tent, tables, chairs, and accessories while you focus on your guests! Contact us today for a quote. We look forward to making your holiday party come to life!