The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Guide

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Rent Your Super Bowl Party Tent Early!

After New Year’s, the next big holiday is right around the corner. You guessed it – Super Bowl LVI! Coming up on February 13th, 2022, Super Bowl LVI will take place at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. But we all know the real party takes place in the homes and on the TVs of millions of Americans and football fans across the world! 

In 2021, the last Super Bowl saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerge victorious against the Kansas City Chiefs, and was watched by 91.63 million viewers in the United States. Additionally, the Super Bowl was viewed by an additional 30 to 50 million viewers around the world.

Super Bowl parties are a great, fun way to bring together friends and family of all ages to show some team spirit, be entertained by the best commercials of the year, and eat and drink delicious beverages and foods. So if you are thinking of throwing a Super Bowl watch party for 2022, you’re certainly not alone!

Decide on where you’re wanting to host the party.

Most Americans throw their Super Bowl parties at their own homes, but even then, there are things to take into consideration. Are you throwing the party within your home, or do you have a backyard large enough to host in? Are you going all out and renting a venue? These are definitely the questions you need to have an answer to before inviting guests. Plan well ahead, secure your venue, or determine at your own home whether you want to throw the party inside of your house, outside, or outside with tent rentals. 

The main two things to take into consideration are space and access to the television(s). There isn’t anything worse than having to sit elbow to elbow, hope no one kicks over your beer, and trying to cheer for your favorite team. Give your guests plenty of space with a tent rental. Talk with your Tent Guys event planner to determine what types of tables, how much seating, and ultimately how large of a tent you’ll need to keep your guests comfortable and happy. 

Create a guest list and send out invites.

Once you have a decision made on location, next you will want to decide how many people you can comfortably host. You may want to start the list by writing down your closest friends and family members first that you most want to attend the party. If you have extra space, you may want to include friends you don’t get to see very often or any coworkers you like to socialize with outside of work. Super Bowl parties are a great way to bring friends together informally, especially outside of our traditional holidays that center around seeing family. 

If you’re hosting in your home or backyard, break out the tape measurer, and walk out in 6’ distances. With the Omicron variant looming ahead and uncertainty surrounding the effectiveness of current vaccines against it, you should play it safe this year and continue to provide your guests with the ability to practice social distancing. Depending on how many times you can space out 6 feet should help you determine the number of guests you can safely host in your space. 

As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that everyone you invite may not be able to attend. You may want to invite a few more people than you plan on hosting since some people will decline the RSVP or may not show up at all – anything can happen! So if you’d like to have about 20 guests, you might invite 25-30, anticipating that about 5-10 people will ultimately not be able to attend the party.

Invitations to a Super Bowl party certainly don’t have to be formal. A text with a date, address, and time will do the trick! If sending out individual or group texts isn’t for you, then creating a Facebook event can also be an easy way to keep track of everyone and centralize all the details for your party. If you want to go all out on invitations with a traditional card invite, there are so many fun options online you can customize and choose from. Just make sure you have physical addresses on hand and plan in the time to seal and deliver!

If you are asking guests to bring any food and drink, you will want to include this in the invitation. This can be as simple as adding a line that says, “Please bring a snack or drink to share.” If you are concerned about the numbers in attendance at your party, you should make it explicit either way. Ask for guests to RSVP before the party, and make it clear if plus-ones or children are allowed.

What time should you start a Super Bowl party?

There are a number of implications to consider when deciding on your party start time. Beginning the festivities too early is not only a good way to run out of food and beverage before halftime, but it may also implicate your guests to drink too much, too fast. You definitely do not want any guests leaving the party to get more drinks, and risk drinking and driving. 

The experts at suggest kicking off the celebration about 90 minutes before kick-off. This lets all of your guests get settled, socialized, and ready to watch the game in just the right amount of time before the main event starts.

Gather supplies and rent early.

Super Bowl weekend is an extremely popular event rental time, where our tents, tables, chairs, and heaters are in high demand! Not only are you competing with other private parties, but also companies, restaurants, and party planners are tasked with throwing Super Bowl bashes at the exact same time. It is never too early to reach out to Tent Guys about planning your next event – the sooner is always the better. You do not want to scramble at the last minute to secure your party rentals – especially if you’re wanting to rent a tent to provide your guests with warmth and shelter. 

With continued supply chain issues anticipated heading into 2022, you may also want to purchase your food and drink supplies early. Grocery stores are absolutely slammed the day before and the day of the Super Bowl, with customers all gunning for similar items. Plan out what snacks and drinks you want to serve, and buy your ingredients and drinks in advance. A basic shopping list for your Super Bowl party may look like: 

  • Sodas
  • Water
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Mixers
  • Food ingredients
  • Disposable trays
  • Pre-prepared snacks and desserts

Super Bowl party rentals from Tent Guys you’re going to want:

To start, you’ll want a big enough tent to host your guests, while not consuming your entire space. Our 20×20 option is just the right size for a handful of guests and/or smaller parties. We have tent options ranging all the way up to 40×120, so we are more than ready to match the size of your party! Add the sidewalls and doors for protection from the elements, and you’ll even have a blank wall to project the big game against if you want to keep the party contained to the tent. 

The Super Bowl itself lasts for hours, and you’ll likely have guests around for some time before and after the game as well, so you’ll want to provide your guests with different options for standing, sitting, eating, and socializing. Our most comfortable chair option has padded cushioning, making it a great choice for the long game. Your guests may also enjoy having access to cocktail tables, which are always a great idea for the guests who either need a reprieve from sitting or who are too excited to sit during the game anyways; cocktail tables provide a place to set down their drinks and food, and can still jump around, yell, and cheer for their team.

 If you’re hosting outside, keep your guests warm in the tent with a generator, or outside the tent with patio heaters. While it certainly won’t be cold in sunny San Francisco, February in North Carolina can really bring the chilly weather. Tent Guys has everything you need to stay warm for the pre-game, four quarters, and post-game festivities. Our 80K BTU heater provides plenty of warmth for your party. Our team will set up your tent as well as the heaters, to ensure you have everything up and running for your party.

Here’s a list of all the potential party needs you may want to rent from Tent Guys this year:

  • Disposable plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins
  • 10×10 High Peak Tent as a food and beverage station
  • 20×20 Tent for the party
  • Door Sidewall
  • Solid Sidewall
  • 6’ Rectangle Table
  • 60”x120” tablecloths in your team’s colors
  • Low Top Cocktail Tables
  • 96” tablecloths in your team’s colors
  • White padded chairs
  • 120 QT Cooler
  • Patio heaters
  • Heater, 80K BTU
  • 100 ft drop cord

Decorate for the game with the team names and colors. 

While we don’t know who’s playing yet at Super Bowl LVI, Super Bowl parties are always an opportunity to deck out with the competing team names and sports slogans, or your favorite NFL team (even if they didn’t make it!). From tablecloths, napkins, flags, banners, and more, there are so many ways to show team spirit through your decor. 

Need some more party ideas to make your Super Bowl LVI legendary? Here are a few: 

Bring on the beer! Support local breweries by stocking up on your favorite six-packs or kegs. What would the great American sport of football be without the beer? From OMB, Resident Culture, Legion, and more, Charlotte is brimming with amazing breweries you can throw your support behind for the big game.

Wing it. A Super Bowl party isn’t the time or place to test out a new recipe – give your guests what they really want! From wings, dips, chips, and veggie trays, Super Bowl parties are beloved for their snacks. You’ll want a variety of offerings for your guests, and ideally snacks that can stay out at room temperature for a while. Organize your food into the parts of the party so you don’t avoid running out – think bite-size food for the pre-game, main course for halftime (e.g. pizza, wings, chili, etc.), more snacks for like pigs in a blanket, or dips for the third and fourth quarter, and celebratory dessert for the end. Most importantly, choose dishes that don’t require you as the host to take much of your attention away from the game. Enjoy your own party and spend time with your friends – not in the kitchen!

Deck out your TV or theater showing. Obviously one of your most important features at a Super Bowl party is your set-up. Whether you have a giant LED TV, a projector set-up, and surround sound or plan to rent TVs for the big game, you want to make sure that your guests can see and hear everything.

Plan for clean-up ahead of time. The Super Bowl always falls on a Sunday, and most Americans will have work the very next day. This year, you have Valentine’s the day after too! The last thing you want to do on Valentine’s Day is clean up after your Super Bowl party. Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to pitch in on the clean-up before they head out. Remember that Tent Guys will put up and take down the tents, stages, and major equipment, but tasks like putting tablecloths in the washing bag and stacking chairs fall on the renter. With everyone helping out the host, the job will be quick and leave you with more time for more fun activities. 

Secure your party rentals today for Super Bowl LVI. Call Tent Guys at (980) 228-6999.

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