Tailor Made Packages for Tented Events

Tailor Made Packages for Tented Events

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Looking for event rentals for your party or special event? Tent Guys has you covered with everything from tents to tableware. Whether you need a cozy space for a small gathering or a grand setup for a big bash, we have the right products and services for you. Browse our products or talk to our friendly staff to plan your perfect event today.

Event Rentals

Tent Guys is an experienced tent and event accessories company serving your entire event rental needs in Charlotte, NC. Tented events can be transformed into something spectacular when our team at Tent Guys works with you on planning and equipping your special event. We can provide you with fully tailor-made packages and accessory rentals that will take your Charlotte event planning to the next level.      

Stay cool, Tent Guys has you covered

In Charlotte, fall brings chilly mornings and evenings with warmer afternoons, and striking a balance between predicting the weather and keeping your guests comfortable in a tent event becomes closer to an art or science. Luckily, the team at Tent Guys is your go-to Charlotte event rental experts.

After selecting your venue, the first thing that you need to know before choosing a tent air-conditioning or heating solution is what type of tent you’re using for your event. Tent air conditioning isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and Tent Guys is not a one-size-fits-all vendor.

First, if you’re looking to rent heating and air solutions from Tent Guys and you aren’t using a tent from us, we will start by asking questions about the tent and the event so we can determine if we have the right solution to match your event needs.

The rule of thumb is that you should plan on cooling or heating each 100- to 150-sq. ft. area within a tent. This may seem like a lot of coverage per square foot, but this is because the cooling and heating tonnage has to compensate for the thin walls of the tent and high level of air infiltration. The questions we ask about the details event directly impact our recommendation for which mobile air conditioning or heating unit you might need. For example, the time of day or evening of the event, the predicted temperatures on that day, the number of people attending the event in the space, the type of activity (dancing, eating, etc.), the use of spotlights or other heat-generating equipment, they can all factor into how much the calculated heat load of the event it. We try to build in extra cooling or heating into the cooling plan to account for these factors.

What do we offer at Tent Guys?Heating Unit Rental Charlotte NC

Heater, 80K BTU

Heater, 170K BTU

The Tent Guys’ tent heaters provide event planners with the peace of mind that their event will remain climate controlled, no matter what’s happening with the weather outside. These are forced air propane tent heaters that come with a remote start thermostat and an initial propane tank. The standard size used is the 170,000 BTU heater, but we also offer the 80K BTU heater, depending on your event size and needs.

From wedding receptions to corporate getaways, the 170K BTU is the quietest tent heater available, and provides a clean look and quiet operation outside the tent, and it is very easy to set up, move, and operate. Our heaters run with an enclosed flame, built-in temperature management, and with airflow safety devices. With propane gas as the heating source, the heaters blow warm, dry, and emissions-free air into the event

If you need safe, quiet, and efficient heating solutions, you can count on our 80K or 170K BTU heaters for your tenting events. Depending on the power availability at your event, you can also rent a 2200- or 5500-Watt Generator from Tent Guys, as well as, propane tanks to fuel your event. Tent Guys will assist you in an impact analysis of your heating plan to make sure that every detail from set-up to tear-down will be well thought out.

Patio Heater

Even in the coldest weather, we don’t expect guests to remain inside of a tent-event space the entire time. Busting moves on the dance floor or networking the night away can push guests towards taking a few moments outside the event. Events that are entirely outside can still be climate controlled as well. Patio heaters ensure that guests are as comfortable outside as they are inside. PatioPatio Heater Rental Charlotte NC heater rentals are run on propane, with an initial propane tank included, and they are perfect for heating smaller areas. We can help you determine how many patio heaters you need for your outdoor event venue to keep your guests warm and content.

If you want to take your event from great to fantastic, then our event rental fans are exactly what you need. We offer 20” round metal fans that come with mounts included. These fans can be mounted to the tent frame so that instead of being on the floor, and in the way, and only circulating air on the floor, you can position the fans to blow on your guests from any angle.

Better yet, for those outdoor, summer events, misting fans are one of the best ways to address excessive heating concerns at your event. Too much heat on guests, whether they’re being active or relaxing, can make people uncomfortable, ill, and at risk for heatstroke. Misting fans are the best solution for beating the heat and enabling everyone to safely enjoy an outdoor event.

Not only are misting fans energy efficient, they can also save you a lot of money when it comes to alternatives like using portable cooling systems or trying to find an air-conditioned venue. Misting fans consume less power than a standard hair dryer, and can change the surrounding area’s temperature by almost 30 degrees. They run best in partially covered spaces, and are great for tent venues.

Beyond their energy efficiency, they’re also quiet and unimposing on guests. Large motors on portable air conditioners that make excessive noise can be distracting for your guests and impede an events’ activities. Misting fans, however, run quietly in the background. More so, misting fans create a fog rather than a heavy soaking mist. You don’t have to be worried about the misting fan developing into a puddle on the floor, creating hazardous conditions or guests becoming drenched in a showerhead of water. Instead, the misting fans are designed specifically to create minimal moisture, and keep both people and any nearby equipment dry while they are under the cooling mist. This means that even guests in formal wear can enjoy the cooling mist without worrying about ruining an outfit or evening.

Our misting fans are 120 volts and come equipped with 40-gallon water tanks. They are 18″ high-velocity fans with 3 speeds. With our quality rental misting fans, your next outdoor event in Charlotte won’t have any guests uncomfortable from the heat.

Keep Your Guests Connected

Fence rentals are a great way to keep your event controlled and connected. In high- attendance events, it’s important that guests’ comfort and safety come first. Knowing how many guests are in any one space at a time is vital to keeping them safe. For private events in public locations, rental fencing can easily be moved and set up to keep crowds under control.

Give Your Guests the VIP Treatment

What’s the key to a VIP event? Luxurious red carpet, of course. Whether you are hosting a gala, banquet, or premiere, the quality and thought put into your event should start from the moment your guests start to enter. A red carpet not only makes your event more traditionally high-profile, but it can tie together the entire experience from arriving at your event to leaving.

A red carpet event gives your guests the opportunity to feel like a celebrity. Position the event photographers along the red carpet or set up a photo backdrop opportunity midway through the red carpet experience. Black-tie formal events are the perfect setting for providing guests with a red carpet treatment.

We offer a 3×25 red carpet rental and recommend our chrome stanchions in combination with red velvet ropes. Using the red velvet rope rentals, with the chrome stanchions, is perfect for marking off the preferred pathway for your guests or for crowd control. The red velvet ropes are also perfect for roping off VIP or private areas at your event.

Set the Bar High at Your Next Event

No bar? No problem! As much as event planners in Charlotte have fallen in love with receptions at Charlotte breweries and open bar venues, the reality is that you can bring the bar (or bars!) to your event. In a move that can save you hundreds and put a unique touch on your event, our portable bars are perfect for cutting out the middleman to serve up your own drinks. Our portable bars come with a built-in ice bin that holds up to 80lbs of ice, a 5-bottle speedwell, a recessed work area for drink mixing and preparation, and plenty of storage for mixers and glassware.

Fill up our portable bars with your chosen beer, wine, and liquor, make a unique drink recipe for your wedding or event, and station your portable bars wherever you want them.

For waters, sodas, or other food and drink items that require cooling at your event, we also offer 120-QT coolers for rent. Whether you’re hosting a killer Panther’s tailgate or a party planned for a BYOB invite, these coolers are cheap, efficient, and perfect for keeping guests supplied with icy beverages.

Picture this: you’ve chosen a beautiful location with stunning views for your event in Charlotte, NC, and your reception is going to be in a Tent Guys tent. After planning your event theme and colors to coincide with the fall season and location of the event, how can you effortlessly interlace the event space with your tent? Easy! If you rent your tent from Tent Guys, you can create a truly upscale look that provides guests with the full experience by adding windows and French doors to your tent.

Tent sidewall rentals are the perfect finish to your tent. You can also consider working with door sidewalls or tent drapery to customize how your guests will experience with your tent event space. French door rentals make an impressive entry to any event, making it feel more exclusive, functional, and climate-controlled for any time of the year. Sidewall and French doors are ideal for weddings and events with a view.

Don’t stress over event rentals in Charlotte, NC. Tent Guys has what you need for every celebration, conference, or special day ahead with our professional selection of rentals, decorations, and event planning services. Let us assist you in accessorizing your next event and transforming your event space into an experience your guests will never forget!

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