Tent Guys: We Have the Party on Order

Tent Guys: We Have the Party on Order

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Looking for event rentals for your party or special event? Tent Guys has you covered with everything from tents to tableware. Whether you need a cozy space for a small gathering or a grand setup for a big bash, we have the right products and services for you. Browse our products or talk to our friendly staff to plan your perfect event today.

Event Rentals

Ordering a tent and selecting all the necessities for your planned event is as easy as ordering a pizza. Tent Guys makes it possible! And we have options upon options for you (just like when ordering a pizza), to create the event you want according to all of the tastes and styles you need. We can help you make the perfect party.

What We Do

Let’s say you have an upcoming wedding this spring and you’ve looked at several sites already. The landscapes are beautiful but the venue itself leaves something to be desired. Or, June is coming and you are thinking about your child’s high school graduation party. The date is looming as you’re also considering getting your son or daughter ready to go off to college in the fall, and you don’t have time to research venues for the graduation party.

What if your boss tasks you with putting on the annual October sales event, and specifically says she doesn’t want last year’s venue because the staff and venue were a total disaster. What do you do? Because this is your job, and you certainly don’t want to mess things up when you’ve been entrusted such a huge responsibility for event planning.

Or how about your beloved grandparents—their fiftieth anniversary is coming up and you, along with your cousins, want to really celebrate them in style. How do you put together a party that honors them well, but keeps all of the last-minute stress off your plate? Because let’s be honest: family and family friends will be at that anniversary party, and seeing your crazy cousin or running into your absurd aunt will be stressful enough as it is!

Tent Guys can take care of all of your needs when it comes to throwing a party or celebration. Weddings, graduations, milestone anniversaries, like your parents’ twenty-fifth or your grandparents’ golden anniversary, and even corporate gatherings with a twist—Tent Guys can do it all!

Tent Guys have everything you could possibly think of, even beyond what a traditional venue would provide: tables, chairs (complete with fabric chair covers), drapery and tablecloths, fancy napkins and exquisite china, with accompanying glassware and flatware. We build custom centerpieces and can add a touch of whimsy with paper balloons (think of Chinese lanterns) along with breathtaking flower arrangements. We have perfectly tailored lighting configurations for your nighttime events. We can construct dance floors and staging areas for a band or a DJ as well.

Want a full tent, with elegant cathedral windows and sidewall curtains? We can do that! Desire an open tent, with sashes and décor draping the poles? Easily achieved! Want a tent frame only, over your dance floor or stage for the wedding, draped in delicate twinkle lights? That’s our specialty! Need sit-down tables as well as cocktail tables, adorned in a black and white theme and sprays of flowers to offer an appealing look to your event? We would love to help you!

A Little About Us

Tent Guys has been in business, serving the Charlotte area for years, and we are experts in helping you throw the best party of your life. We have provided our services for everything from bridal showers, weddings and anniversary parties, to retirement parties and conferences, food or music festivals, and even tailgate parties and preseason sporting events. So when we tell you that we have you covered for your every event, we really do have you covered. Or tented—that might be a better phrase!

How do we help you in the planning stages, from start to finish? How do we guide you through designing the perfect event, and what are our prices like? Let’s walk through some of what Tent Guys can do for you to stage the perfect party.

Planning Your Party

We have expert Event Specialists that will, not only get into all the nitty-gritty of event planning with you, but will also gladly show you photos and plans from previous events we have helped to put on for previous clients to give you a sense of what is possible. Our Event Specialists will help you think through every detail for the day of your event, composing a detailed plan for what we need to furnish in order to deliver the best possible party. And don’t worry! We do all of the heavy lifting for an event, keeping track of all that you will need and guiding you through the process along the way. We want you to enjoy your event, not worry about it.

We have four categories of Event Planning we can help you with: Weddings, Corporate, Special, and Sports-oriented events. With each category, we have some great ideas for how to stage, what sort of furnishings you will need, and previous examples of work we did for former clients. By showing you our previous work, you can get a sense of, not just what we can do, but also what kind of ideas we can help you come up with and execute. We can walk you through the size of tents we have available and how many people each size can accommodate. We can also discuss the size of optional dance flooring to lay down inside of a tent, to use for staging, or for dancing purposes.

Want expert-guiding, from start to finish for your event planning? You can submit a question through our website or call us directly, and our Event Planning experts can start the process of planning your dream event.

Are you more of a weekend warrior with a do-it-yourself vibe, and want to get a sense of what you will need and what it might cost? We have a “Build Your Own Quote” section on our Event Planning page, and you can tinker around to get a sense of what we can do, and what you’ll need. And once you generate a quote from us, we will follow up and take over the process of composing your event.

So whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you want someone else to do all of the thinking for you, so that you can just dream the event, either way we have you covered!

The Day of the Event

What can you expect from us on the day of the event? We deliver your tent and all the accessories between 9am-4pm Monday through Friday, as well as arranging tailored times for delivery on Saturdays and Sundays. We recommend that you or a designated representative be on site when the delivery arrives, but don’t fret! We put up all our tents ourselves (as well as take them down), and we set up the venue space for your events. That set up, which is a part of the delivery charge, includes setup of the dance floors, lights, drapery and power equipment. You don’t need to worry about those big items. We have you covered.

If you wish to set up the tables and chairs in order to arrange them yourself, you are free to do so. However, for a small charge per chair and table we will be more than glad to set them up. We take care of the big-ticket items on the day of your event and we can add on extra services according to your needs and plans. And don’t worry! We have an accounting list to ensure everything we promised for your delivery gets delivered on time. If anything gets left out by accident, we will correct the problem right away. And we are only a phone call away, should you notice anything else needed. We are here to make your day the best possible day!

Packing Down and Cleaning Up

When you are ready for the tents and equipment to be picked up (you will schedule that when we hammer out the details for the event, during the reservation process), we just need a few things from you in order to speedily remove the rental equipment. And it’s super easy! Just trash all the decorations and garbage from the event, and break down the tables and chairs, merely stacking them under the tent. Take all the table linens and stick them into the bags we provide. All that is easily done, right? We come and take down the tent and remove the equipment. (If you wish us to deal with trash and decorations, as well as, breaking down the tables and chairs, that service can be arranged for an extra fee.)

Reservations and Pricing Options

When you are ready to make a reservation, we will guarantee all tenting and equipping is available for the date requested, upon receipt of your deposit. (A 50% deposit is required to make the reservation, so we have you covered when it comes to securing your perfect day.) It is best to make your reservation as soon as possible, and a good rule of thumb is to reserve three months out from the date of your event (at least).

And just so you know, larger tents used for bigger events may require a permit from your local Fire Department or municipality, but we can help check on that with you. You need to apply for the permit no later than 48 hours before the day of the event, so be sure to consult a calendar. The sooner the better is the best strategy, in our perspective.

In need of a tent in a pinch? We can work some magic, but be advised that event planning takes some time and thought, so the sooner you can work with us to help you plan out your perfect event, the better we can make your event. Don’t be shy to get the ball rolling early, even if the event you want to plan is eight months away! We can make this an easy and smooth process—as easy as ordering pizza.

Our pricing can accommodate a full, single day rental or, if you have repeated events or a week-long event planned, we have weekly and monthly rental prices as well. All pricing includes standard set up before the event and regular pack down after your event is over. Need us to set up tables and chairs? We can easily do that for a small added fee.

When you make the reservation, we will ask for a 50% deposit, with the remainder to be paid either prior to or on the day of your event. We accept major credit cards, cash, business checks, or bank checks.

Tent Guys is here to deliver the best day for your planned event. Contact us by phone at 980-228-6999 or email us at info@tentguys.com to get the process started. We want to make this as easy as ordering a pizza! Let’s go!

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